The Town of Gawler will be one of the first Regional Centres in South Australia to have access to the National Broadband Network (NBN), which will enable Gawler’s residential and business community access to 21st century telecommunications infrastructure. The Federal Government’s Digital Local Government Program, has given the Gawler council the ability to upgrade our digital infrastructure to give our community better access to Gawler Council services. This is the Digital Inclusion Project.


The Digital Local Government Program provides funding to encourage local governments to develop online services that make use of high-speed broadband. It helps local governments to deliver innovative online services—for both homes and businesses—that are replicable and scalable, and that other local governments across Australia can adapt and use. It has the potential to encourage major improvements in the quality, availability and speed of local government services.

Implementation occurred 23rd August 2013 with completion set to occur by 30th April 2015. Ongoing maintenance by Information Technology (IT), Planning, Home Assist and Community Care (HACC), Customer Service & Youth departments.

Community Benefits

  • Greater access to Council services - 24/7 online access to planning applications, customer requests, payments, community information.
  • A better prepared Council for new technological infrastructure. Eg: NBN
  • Council planning applications will be more streamlined and can be checked on day/night without the need for staff to be available to assist in the process.
  • An online place for Gawler youth to express themselves and get involved with matters for council.
  • Home Assist & Community Care (HACC) service have created a web portal that provides easy access to services, links & useful information that is applicable to HACC service recipients. An introductory video has been created to highlight the essential services & support provided by the Gawler HACC team. It is available to view on the HACC portal. The use of new devices will be employed to accompany the new digital education program run by volunteers from the Gawler Care & Share group.
  • Ability to access videos on our website promoting Gawler Council services, Council meetings & other committee meetings (eg YAC). This will allow our community to be better informed of what we do.
  • Future capacity to search online within neighbouring Councils when they get similar digital infrastructure & can work collaboratively using the Video Conferencing services.