A state of the art video conferencing network, supplied by CISCO, has been installed throughout the Gawler Council. We open this facility to our community, so they can connect with other community groups and businesses.

Eligibility Requirements

When not in use for Town of Gawler, the system will be available for local business, other government departments and community groups to hire.  Please call Town of Gawler to confirm the availability of a specific site for an external booking.  We have two large rooms with multiple screens and two smaller rooms with single screens.  Which room you will need, will depend on the number of physical attendees.

To use the CISCO video conferencing suites you will need to complete both forms below by providing information regarding the purpose of your video conference & facility booking information and emailing this completed form to us at the council

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Booking Procedure & Details

Minimum booking time is one hour, ¼hr thereafter (Australian Central Time - S.A. Time). 

Information needed for an external booking

  • Time of conference 
  • Support person at the other end 
  • Duration 
  • Which party will be making the call
  • Company/organisation name
  • ABN number

To conference with the Town of Gawler's system you will need to ensure you have an up to date browser, microphone, speaker & camera.  You will also need a connection speed ADSL or higher in order to maintain a suitable video link. 

The Town of Gawler use standards based video conferencing so unfortunately you cannot connect to a Town of Gawler video conference using proprietary system such as Skype. Further information regarding CISCO communications technology can be found at CISCO 

Town of Gawler - Video Conferencing bookings
Phone: (08) 8522 9211
Email: council@gawler.sa.gov.au

For the first three months, the system can be booked at no cost to the user.  After July 1st 2015, fees may be charged.  For more information, please read the Town of Gawler's Conditions of Hire.

The Town of Gawler reserves the right to amend fees charged & services offered at their discretion.