Council is implementing the following projects...

Digital First

  • Online forms and editable pdfs
  • Online Planning for development applications from lodgement to decision
  • All library services on a mobile app
  • RFID for customer service interaction, mobile circulations
  • Town of Gawler Volunteer inductions online
  • On the spot credit card payments for infringements
  • On site invoicing and reporting for general and health inspections
  • Digitising cemetery records
  • Online payments
  • Cloud solutions, such as Skytrust for incident management
  • Instant upload of parking infringement notifications
  • Scanning of banking files
  • Online Section 7 property searches
  • Continuously improve Council operations for customer service delivery

Green Economy

  • Gopher charging station
  • Electric fleet vehicle
  • Gawler Going Green – improving the energy efficiency of community facilities
  • Irrigation app – central controller for Reserves
  • InfoCouncil for Agendas and Minutes
  • Best practice work environment (Gawler Administration)
  • Electronic signatures
  • Install LED lighting in Council buildings and carparks
  • Introduce smart technologies for street poles and lighting to reduce energy consumption and maintenance

Smart Precincts

  • Corporate and Public wifi
  • Social media communications including emergency events
  • Online issue logging for customers
  • LGA apps, My Local
  • Update CCTV for Murray Street
  • Electric car charging stations that are included in the national network
  • GPS tracking – including vehicle monitoring
  • Develop a Digital Parking Strategy to enable mobile apps to view availability and manage car parks
  • Smart signals and cameras to minimise congestion and delays

Digitally Vibrant Communities

  • Audio Visual technology at the Swim Centre
  • Collections online
  • Update and modernise website to incorporate all form factors
  • Explore beacon technology for interactive and personalised communication
  • Introduce barcodes, information posts and interactive displays for memorials and the visitor centre
  • Explore digital applications that provide more liveable township and precincts
  • Explore grant funding opportunities
  • Support business start-ups and scale-ups