The Town of Gawler welcomes open government that strengthens the community and improves services. With the introduction of high-speed connectivity, residents can engage with Council when it is convenient for them and is enthusiastic in developing digital solutions that inform and empower and engaged community.

Digital First

  • Mobility and flexibility for field staff
  • Quantify benefits realisation in terms of quality, time and cost
  • Online distribution of rates notices 

Green Economy

  • Develop an energy efficiency plan and perspective
  • Solar panels Council buildings
  • Develop and plan the Town of Gawler internet of everything

Smart Precincts

  • Smart growth, Smart public realm
  • Potts road to Tiver Road extension (30 Minute City)
  • Smart technologies for marketing and promotion
  • Solar powered connectors and digital electronic banners
  • Integrate non public assets – Development applications - Aged Care
  • Link Road – NBN
  • 3D model and virtual planning for growth precincts
  • Smart parking for timed parking and notifications

Digitally Vibrant Communities

  • Stage 6 – LEDs and creative lighting
  • Smart Poles
  • Smart technologies for Community events
  • Interpretive Centre for online collections
  • Encourage and support builders to incorporate smart principles
  • Pioneer Park War Memorial
  • Digitisation of the Gawler heritage collection and library assets