Council will actively advocate and partner with community groups and businesses to develop digital solutions.  The provision of online interactions and information for community engagement and consultation will build the capacity to achieve better outcomes.

The Town of Gawler is well positioned to take advantage of digital communication channels, such as the NBN, and Council is at the forefront of pursuing best possible outcomes and solutions.

Smart City Principles have been developed through consultation and align with the Community Plan defining Council’s commitment to digital solutions.

Principle 1

Digital First - Using digital solutions to:

  • Design a customer-centric digitl strategy that facilitates Community aspirations
  • Embed digital thinking in Council processes and projects
  • Provide a visitor/customer experience through online interactions
  • Encourage the rollout and adoption of the broadband network

Principle 2

Green Economy - Using digital solutions to:

  • Manage and reduce waste, water and energy consumption
  • Lead efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability in the use of resources
  • Improve Community well-being and social equity
  • Support sustainable social and economic development without degrading the environment

Principle 3

Smart Precincts - Using digital solutions to:

  • Provide age friendly, safe and engaging spaces
  • Provide multi use digital infrastructure (lighting, parking, history guide, charging ports)
  • Provide solar energy supporting charging ports (devices, cars etc) in public spaces

Principle 4

Digitally Vibrant Communities - Using digital solutions to:

  • Promote global access to the Gawler Heritage Collection
  • Support and virtually connected Community
  • Support a vibrant art community and creative arts
  • Connect real-time with Gawler recreational strategies and activities