Smart City Strategy 2017-2020 (DRAFT)

Smart City Strategy 2017-2020 (DRAFT)

Smart City Strategy

Smart City solutions leverage information and communications technologies, not only to deliver higher quality services more efficiently, but also to realise significant operational cost savings and effect behaviour change in workers, businesses and the community as a whole. Partnering with digital leaders and the community we will embrace the digital age and deliver tangible and beneficial solutions.

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Principle 1 - Digital First

Principle 2 - Green Economy

Principle 3 - Smart Precincts

Principle 4 - Digitally Vibrant Communities

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ICT Strategy

In developing the ICT Strategy to support digital solutions, Council is better positioned to consider digital-enabled business transformation during the review of the Community and Corporate Plans.

The ICT Strategy vision is to enable quality outcomes and better connections with customers and the community in the delivery of timely information, advice and guidance. This leads to a community that has a high level of awareness and participation in the Council Vision and directions and greater access to their Council service provisions.

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